Tom Otterness, Pink Bomb


Tom Otterness, Pink Bomb, 2006
Pigmented polyurethane and cord
3 inches in diameter x 7" high
Commissioned on the occasion of BOMB magazine’s 25th Anniversary
Unlimited edition
Retail price: $200 (shipping costs not included)


Tom Otterness has upheld the age-old tradition of cast bronze figurative sculpture for over 20 years. In the process, he has played a major role in redefining the tradition. Because his sculptural ensembles grace parks, subway stations, courthouses, libraries, and museums around the country, Otterness is in the unusual position of having his work as well known by the man on the street as by the art connoisseur. Using stylized figures that resemble whimsical cartoon characters, he explores the widest possible range of human experiences from the rarified world of social commentary. By casting intimately sized figures that can be held in the hand to monumental colossi that tower over viewers, Otterness effectively utilizes scale to establish complex relationships between his sculpture and the immediate surroundings.

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