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Arturo Herrera talks with Josiah McElheny about his significant contribution to the project of modernist abstraction, contaminating the carefully circumscribed world of the abstract with profane materials and commonplace images. 

Long time friends and painters Jennifer Bartlett and Elizabeth Murray reminisce about the ambitious New York art world of the swinging '60s and '70s.

Ann Beattie interviews Lincoln Perry, whose mural at the University of Virginia re-envisions the building’s view of distant mountains as the acme of a secular Pilgrim's Progress.

Critic and curator Anthony Downey queries the 2004 Turner Prize nomineeYinka Shonibare about the excess of carnival and its inversion of power. 

Poet-translators Eliot Weinberger and Forrest Gander converse about the odd exile of achieving recognition abroad before renown at home.

Jenefer Shute interviews Lionel Shriver about her new novel So Much For That,on the American health care crisis.

Noah Baumbach, director of The Squid and the Whale, speaks to fellow New York native Jonathan Lethem on the allure of the Museum of Natural History, and the perils of the autobiographical question.

Musician and electronic composition innovator George Lewis talks with Jeff Parker about the fertile ground where improvisation and politics intersect.

The celebrated playwright and author David Rabe converses with theater producer Evangeline Morphos about his book of short stories, A Primitive Heart, and his protagonists haunted by their pasts.


Artists on Artists

Lucy Raven looks at how the mythology of underground guerilla groups and the American frontier inspire the drawings and paintings of Adam Helms.

Jan Estep on the role of the visual process and internal psychology in the abstracts of Clarence Morgan.

Gedi Sibony's sculptures toy with our assumptions, so serving the purpose of humor, says Anthony Huberman.

Saul Ostrow investigates Jon Kessler's sculptures and installations in relation to their exploration of aesthetic values and of the role of technology and mass media in our lives.

Mimi Thompson explores Stanley Whitney's colorful grid paintings and argues they aspire to "density with a lot of air".


Fiction by Lynne Tillman, Anouar Benmalek, Pierre Hauser and Rikki Ducornet. 

Poetry by Elena Alexander, Peter Gizzi, Brenda Shaughnessy, Laurie Blauner and Tomaz Salamun.

Art by Adam Helms.

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