BOMB 90 / The Americas Issue: HAITI


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Vargas-Suarez Universal, a Mexican artist often mistaken for a collective, talks to Rocio Aranda-Alvarado on how his practice—which uses sound, science and the archives of organizations ranging from the Queens Museum to NASA—is as varied as any many-authored project.

Haitian-born and American-raised artist Vladimir Cybil talks to scholar Jerry Philogene about the visual bilingualism in her paintings and installations.

Carlos Eire, a professor of history and religion at Yale, won a National Book Award for his first non-historical effort, Waiting for Snow in Havana. He discusses his work with Silvana Paternostro.

David Scott speaks to Stuart Hall on the condition of anti-colonial utopias that have "withered into postcolonial nightmares".

Novelist and poet Evelyne Trouillot comes from a prominent Port-au-Prince family of writers and intellectuals. Edwidge Danticat queried the writer on Haiti’s past and its future.

Theorist Sibylle Fisher explains the reasons behind her evaluation of the Haitian Revolution as a non-event to  Gina Ulysee.

Carlos B. Cordova speaks to the Salvadoran poet and filmmaker Daniel Flores y Ascencio about his film, Ama: The Memory of Time, which  records the oral history of shaman Don Juan Ama, who witnessed the murder of his uncle, the leader of a 1932 indigenous revolt in El Salvador.

Damas “Fanfan” Louis is both master drummer and high priest of Vodou. The painter Michael Zwack caught up with him in New York to discuss Haitian rhythms and Fanfan’s involvement in a cultural center for dance, drums and Vodou.

Choreographer and drummer Peniel Guerrier was trained in traditional Haitian and African movement. With Yvonne Daniel, he discusses his choreography as the fused product of each tradition's rhythms and rituals.


Madison Smartt Bell on the paintings of Guidel Présumé and the importance Haitian painters place on staying “outside one’s own thoughts." 

Nancy Josephson on the important role of sequin art in Haitian history, culture and spiritualism.

Christopher Cozier on the multi-leveled juxtapositions found in the works of multimedia artist Maxence Denis.

Fiction by Anthony Phelps, Madison Smartt Bell, Patricia Laurent, Cristina Rivera-Garza and Kettly Mars. 
Poetry by Georges Castera,, Paul Laraque, Denize Lauture, Rodney Saint-Eloi and Jean Metellus.

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