BOMB 7 / Fall 1983


Sold Out


Daniel Schmid by Gary Indiana.

Lizzie Borden by Betsy Sussler.

Robin Winters by Betsy Sussler.

Harry Kipper, Roger Herman and Hans Fuss.


Essays by Jorg Immendorf and Hiedrun Roshoft.


Fiction & Poetry Ann Powell and Rose Sand, Michael Covino, Michael Lally, Hunter Drohojowska, James Purdy, Ann Powell, Antonin Artaud, Craig Gholson, Milo Challenger, Dale Herd, Becky Johnston, Melvin Jules Bukiet, Lisa Blaushild, Veronica Veiss. Art by William Leavitt, Carl Apfelschnitt, Kiki Smith, George Condo, Jun Sazuki William Morris, Nancy Reese, Roger Herman, Hella Santarossa, Christina Thomas and Mary Woronov.

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