BOMB 64 / Summer 1998



Tracey Moffatt by Coco Fusco.

Aharon Appelfeld by Thomas Thornton.

Eric Kraft by Frederic Tuten.

Maurice Berger and Patricia Williams.

Richard Powers by Sven Birkerts.

Stellan Skarsgard by Larry Gross.

Jesus "Chucho" Valdes by Zoe Anglesey.

Lou Reed by Tim Nye.


Artists on Artists

Essays on Charles Hagen by Ann Lauterbach 


First Proof

Fiction and poetry by Max Blagg, Luis Francia, Charlie Smith, Gabriella de Ferrari, Cynthia Atkins, Brent Hendricks and Betsy Sussler.

Artwork by Linda Yablonsky, Ralph Gibson, Rick Bass, Wes Mills and Mimi Thompson.

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