BOMB 59 / Spring 1997



Emmylou Harris by Lucinda Williams.

Wallace Shawn by Patrick McGrath.

Gilles Peress by Carole Kismaric.

George Walker by Stephen Haff.

Tim Roth by Steve Buscemi.

Christian Wolf by Damon Krukowski.

Kendall Thomas by Lynne Tillman.

Matthew Ritchie by Jennifer Berman.

Amy Hempel by Suzan Sherman.


First Proof

Fiction and Poetry by Joel Rose, Kirsty Gunn, Frederic Tuten, Vijay Seshadri, Brooklyn Moon Cafe Poets, Connie Deanovich, Kathy Acker, and Richard House. Artwork by Amanda Means, Roger Newton, Gary Hill, Keith Sonnier and Wolf Kahn.

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