BOMB 58 / Winter 1996-97



Michael Ondaatje by Willem Defoe.

Emmet Gowin by Sally Gall.

Donald Antrim by Thomas Bolt.

Oumou Sangare by Zoe Anglesey.

Ron Rifkin by Jon Robin Baitz.

Stuart Hall by Caryl Phillips.

Marjetica Portc by Goran Tomcic.

Hilton Als by Coco Fusco.

Milos Foreman by Liza Bear.

David Rabinowitch by David Carrier.

Billy Bob Thornton by John Bowe.


First Proof

Fiction and Poetry by Todd Komarnicki, Francisco Goldman, Francine Prose, Karen Holmberg, Erica Hunt, Sidney Wade, Jim Grimsley, and Will Christopher Baer. Artwork by James Casebere, Douglas Beube, and Glenn Seator.

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