BOMB 57 / Fall 1996



Tobias Wolff by A.M. Homes.

Laurie Simmons by Linda Yablonsky.

Scott Elliott by Eric Bogosian.

Brenda Blethyn by Michael Collins.

Richard Einhorn by Stuart Cohn.

Sapphire by Kelvin Christopher James.

Jasper Johns by Marjorie Welish.

Suzanneh Lessard and Honor Moore by Betsy Sussler.

Peter Dreher by Lynne Tillman.


First Proof

Fiction and Poetry by Lewis Libby, Ken Foster, Larry Brown, Amiri Baraka, Sesshu Foster, Kimiko Hahn, The Alliance Poets, and Elena Alexander. Artwork by Keith Tyson, Chuck Agro, Karen Gunderson, Norma Holt, and Joshua Neustein.

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