BOMB 55 / Spring 1996



Jafar Panahi by Liza Bear.

Padgett Powell by V. Hunt.

Frances McDormand by Willem Dafoe.

Malcolm Morley by Richard Francis.

Butch Morris by David Henderson.

A.M. Homes by Gregory Crewdson.

William Pope. L by Martha Wilson.

David Carrier by John Elderfield.


First Proof

Fiction and Poetry by Rachel Kadish, Kelvin Christopher James, Dirk Standen, Janet Kieffer, Susan Wheeler, Jayne Cortez, Ben Neihart, The United States of Poetry by Bob Holman with President Jimmy Carter, Vess Quinlan, Jim Northrop, Besmilr Brigham, Michelle T. Clinton, and Sawyer Shefts. Artwork by Thomas Nozhowski, Kara Walker, and Stephen Meuller.

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