BOMB 49 / Fall 1994


Sold Out


Frank Pugliese by Nicole Burdette.

Diamanda Galas and John Paul Jones by Micheal Albo.

David Bowes by Anney Bonney.

Steve Malkmus by Tim Nye.

Fiona Rae by Shirley Kaneda.

Tom Noonan by Alison Maclean.

John Edgar Wideman by Caryl Phillips.

Kiki Smith by Chuck Close.

Jayne Anne Phillips by A.M. Homes.

Arthur Miller by Ron Rifkin.


Fiction and Poetry by Jacki Ochs, David Rattray, Sapphire, Carole Maso, Robert Kuwada, Tod Grimson, and Jenna Heller. Artwork by Bryan Hunt, Lynn Umlauf, Ed Baynard, Lynn McCarty, Philip Smith, and Elliott Puckette.

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