BOMB 46 / Winter 1993 - 94


Sold Out


Carlos Brillembourg and Keith Sonnier.

Dan Graham by Mike Metz.

Dona Nelson by Richard Whelan.

Lawrence Gipe by David Humphrey.

Campbell McGrath by Dallas Crow.

Haruki Murakami by John Wesley Harding. 

Stephen Wright by Jenifer Berman.

Illena Douglas by Lynn Geller.

Mike Leigh by Bette Gordon.

Tran Anh Hung by Lawrence Chua.

Julius Hemphill by Suzanne McElfresh.

Robert Schenkkan by Stuart Spencer.


Literature and poetry by Dee T. Axelrod, Walter K. Lew, Lauren Stover, Jane Warrick, Gary Indiana, Karen Kilimnik, Mervyn Taylor and Lois-Ann Yamanaka.


Artwork by David Fludd, Judith Hudson, Katherine Bowling, Karen Kilimnik, Mark Tansey and Joseph Nechvatal.

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