BOMB 44 / Summer 1993


Sold Out


Buzz Spector by David Pagel,

Pae White by David Pagel.

Luciano Perno by David Pagel.

Sadie Benning by Linda Yablonsky.

David Baerwald by Lynn Geller.

Bruce Wagner by Hillary Johnson.

Darrell Larson by Rob Sullivan.

Sally Potter by Shari Frilot.

Sally Gall & April Gornik.

Walter Mosley by Thulani Davis.

Rosanne Cash by David Byrne.

Melanie Rae Thon by Caryl Phillips.


Fiction and poetry by Gigi Marks, Frederic Tuten, Benjamin Weissman Kimiko Hahn, Jim Lewis, David Rattray, Klaus Kertess, A.M. Homes, and Jim Krusoe.


Art by Sally Gall, Lynn Davis, Mark Klett, Barbara Ess, Lynn Geesaman, Linda Connor, Jiri Georg Dokoupil, Suzanne McClelland Charles Henri Ford, and Kiki Smith.

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