BOMB 33 / Fall 1990


Sold Out


Dr. John by Stanley Moss.

Dorothea Tanning by Carlo McCormick.

Al Pacino by Bette Gordon and Betsy Sussler.

Harvey Keitel by Ethan Silverman.

Thulani Davis by Stephanie Fleischmann.

Bella Freud by Elizabeth Cannon.

Dorothea Phillip by Mary Agnes Smith.

Ian McEwan by Patrick McGrath.

Vikram Seth by Ameena Meer.

Jo Shane by Craig Gholson.

Campbell Scott by Ethan Silverman.

Victoria Williams by Lynn Geller.


Fiction & Poetry: Stuart Sherman, A.M. Homes, Patrick McGrath, Arturo Arias, Thomas McGonigle, Indran Amirthanayagam, Patrick W. Gray, Jacques Servin, Susan Sonde.


Artworks by: Emery Clark, Jeanette Montgomery Barron, Felix Huber, Linda Roush, Michelle Zalapony, Michelle Stuart, and Sue Williams.

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