BOMB 32 / Summer 1990


Sold Out


Barbet Schroeder by Bette Gordon.

Alain Kirili and Jeanne Silverthorne by Saul Ostrow.

Richard Nelson by Craig Gholson.

Griselda Gambaro and Angelica Gorodischer by Marguerite Feitlowitz.

Percy Adlon by Lance Loud.

Ed Lachman by Lynn Geller.

Blue Man Group by Stanley Moss.

Deb Margolin by Lynne Tillman.

Volker Schlondorff by Claudia Steinberg.

Mark Leyner by Ameena Meer.

Angel Estrada by Susan Shacter and Isabel Toledo.

Lola Ehrlich by Kimberly Carter.


Essays on Erica Lennard by April Gornick and Roberto Juarez by Edward Albee.


Fiction & Poetry by Griselda Gambaro, Angelica Gorodischer, Alan Planz, Robin Becker, Liza Bear, Matias Viegner, Ameena Meer, Erica Lennard, Roberto Juarez and Ursula Helman.

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