BOMB 30 / Winter 1989 - 90


Sold Out


Anish Kapoor by Ameena Meer.

Fay Weldon by Craig Gholson.

Richard Price by Amos Poe.

Carroll Dunham by Betsy Sussler.

Jane Campion by Lynn Geller.

Jonathan Lasker by Shirley Kaneda.

Mary Gaitskill by Stephen Westfall.

Marlane Meyer by Lance Loud.

Eduardo Machado by Stuart Spencer.

Sarah Charlesworth by Betsy Sussler.

Atom Egoyan with Arsinee Kahnijan by Liza Bear.

Sylvia Heisel by Jeremy Gilbert-Rolfe.


Essays on Katell le Bourhis by Elizabeth Cannon.


Fiction & Poetry by Lance Olsen, Elisabeth Cunnick, John Ash, Amirh Bahata, Michael O'Keefe, and Guy Gallo.


Artworks by Claudia Hart.

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