BOMB 25 / Fall 1988


Sold Out


Stockard Channing by Craig Gholson.

Gary Stephen by Georgia Marsh.

Frederic Tuten by Bruce Wolmer.

Dorthea Rockburne by Saul Ostrow.

Shawn Slovo, Chres Menges, and Linda Mvusi by Liza Bear.



Fashion Photography by Stefani Hermsdorf and Jeremy Gilbert-Rolfe.

Mondino by David Seidner.


Fiction & Poetry by: Leslie Dick, Klaus Kertess, Marguerite Feitlowitz, Todd Grimson, Bradford Morrow, Martha Rhodes, Vincent Katz.


Artworks by: Jene Highstein, Willem De Kooning, Michael Young, Moria Dreyer, Cora Cohen, Brett DePalma, Richmond Burton, and Andrew Masullo.

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