BOMB 22 / Winter 1987 - 88


Sold Out


Robert Mapplethorpe by Gary Indiana.

Nancy Lemann by Betsy Sussler.

Brice Marden by Saul Ostrow.

Gleb Panfilov by Liza Bear.

Gary Stevens and Rose English by Allen Frame.


Essays on Fashion by Candace Allenson and Robert McElroy.


Fiction & Poetry by Bradford Morrow, Ameena Meer, Patrick McGrath, Harry Kondoleon, Gary Indiana.


Art by Myron Stout, Meg Webster, Roni Horn, David Wilson, Ellen Phelan, Holt Qeuntel, Wade Saunders and Mike Kelley, Ed Ruscha, Chris Burden, Dana Druff, John Knight, Diane Bucker, Peter Shelton, Charles Ray, Lari Pittman, Tim Ebner, Luciano Perna, Alexis Smith, Mitchell Syrop, Karen Carson.

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