BOMB 20 / Summer 1987


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Christopher Durang by Craig Gholson.

Duane Michals by David Sneider.

Steve Erickson by James Mx Lane.

Mona Simpson by Ameena Meer.



Essays on The Parks Photo Archive by Gerard Malanga, Body Pictures by Roberto Juarez.


Fiction & Poetry Gary Indiana, Joel Rose, Stuart Spencer, Anne Carson, Daisy Friedman, Kim Roberts.


Art by David Seidner, Raul Ubac, Matt Mahurin, Mattia Bonnetti, Noelle Hoeppe, Angela Neuke, Larry Clark, Gerard Malanga, Berenice Abbott, Bruce Cratsley, Neal Slavin, Todd Watts, Elliott Schwartz, Jimmy DeSana, Amanda Means, John Schlesinger, Roberto Juarez, Patrick Goodman, Dona Francis, Aristos Marcoupoulos, Ellen Jaffe, Jack Pierson, Scott Hieser, and Bruce of Los Angeles.

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