BOMB 128 / Summer 2014



Literature — John Ashbery by Adam Fitzgerald
The twin volumes of Ashbery’s recent Collected French Translations constitute the poet’s idiosyncratic canon of twentieth-century French literature. 

Music — Charlemagne Palestine by Steve Dalachinsky
Poet Steve Dalachinsky banters with composer, performer, and visual artist Charlemagne Palestine about his Brooklyn roots, gesamtkunst, and rituals.

Art — Juan Isle by Shirley Kaneda
The Spanish artist talks with fellow painter Shirley Kaneda about his formative years in the post-Franco era and the effect that his adopted New York City had on his abstractions.

Art Theory — Giuliana Bruno by Sarah Oppenheimer
Giuliana Bruno’s illuminating Surface: Matters of Aesthetics, Materiality, and Media is just out. Artist Sarah Oppenheimer picks up on its main thesis: no surface is flat.

Theater — Lola Arias by Elianna Kan
Performers in Lola Arias’s genre-defying productions play themselves, and, in doing so, enact Walter Benjamin’s notion of memory as the past’s theater.

Literature — Roxane Gay by John Freeman
While on tour with her new book, An Untamed State, Roxane Gay discusses its evolution with fellow writer John Freeman via Twitter.

Art — Tania Bruguera
Paul O’Neill and students at Bard’s CCS program query Bruguera on Arte Útil—an ongoing archive of useful art projects that promote a society of the commons.

Art — Joe Sola by Stuart Horodner
Joe Sola and curator Stuart Horodner walk the streets of Denver for an impromptu dialogue about amalgamation, violence, and communicating through objects.

Katherine Bradford 
Michael Coffey 
Eleni Sikelianos
Azareen Van der Vliet Oloomi
Vincent Katz
Donald Breckenridge
Kim Bendheim
Sara Jaffe


Paul Chan’s Selected Writings, 2000–2014
Edited by George Baker and Eric Banks
by Alan Gilbert

Richard Barnett’s The Sick Rose: Disease and the Art of Medical Illustration
by Andrew Bourne

Ray Johnson’s Not Nothing: Selected Writings, 1954–1994
Edited by Elizabeth Zuba
by Trisha Low

The George Kuchar Reader
Edited by Andrew Lampert
by Kalup Linzy

Philip Glahn’s Bertolt Brecht
by Richard Foreman

Semiotext(e): 28 Pamphlets for the 2014 Whitney Biennial
by Corina Copp

Brenda Coultas’s The Tatters
by Ammiel Alcalay

Critical Practices, Inc. at the Whitney Biennial  / “Supposium 2014” at MoMA
by Mónica de la Torre

Matt Keegan and Kay Rosen

Christine and Margaret Wertheim
by Marianne Shaneen

Mika Tajima
by Kareem Estefan

Ricardo Nicolayevsky
by Luis Felipe Fabre

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