BOMB 122 / Winter 2013



by Nico Muhly
Lang’s recent multimedia work, love fail, intercuts the oddities of different medieval versions of the Tristan and Isolde story with Lydia Davis’s tales of modern love. Lang and fellow composer Nico Muhly go over the pros and cons of staging concerts and recording music. 

ART — Oscar Murillo 
by Legacy Russell
In Murillo’s work, action, words, painting, and parties all speak at the same volume—fluently familiar and yet entirely untranslatable. Artist and curator Legacy Russell finds out why.

THEATER — Rude Mechanicals 
by Eric Dyer
The ensemble theater collective based in Austin, Texas, has six artistic directors and its own venue, the Off Center. If the Rude Mechs’ ethos was a draw for Radiohole’s Eric Dyer, their bacchanalian re-creation of the Performance Group’s Dionysus in 69 clinched the connection. 

FILM — Cristian Mungiu 
by Liza Béar
Romanian auteur Cristian Mungiu’s Beyond the Hills won best screenplay and best actress at Cannes. The film—like his previous 4 Months, 3 Weeks, 2 Days—fuses naturalism with the escalating dramatic tension between two young women. 

LITERATURE — Mark Z. Danielewski 
by Christopher O’Riley
Pianist Christopher O’Riley provided the score for Danielewski’s The Fifty Year Sword, a ghost story set in the world of experimental literature, now ambitiously evolving into a vanguard work in multiple formats. 

LITERATURE — Fanny Howe 
by Kim Jensen
Five of poet and novelist Fanny Howe’s most important novels have recently been republished in one edition, Radical Love. Both authors get to the core of a prose Jensen describes as “startlingly beautiful and terrifyingly mysterious with reckless narrative swerves.”

ART — Alix Pearlstein 
by John Pilson
Artist John Pilson zeroes in on Alix Pearlstein, whose videos featuring actors appearing as themselves “describe a visual arena where familiar competitions, seductions, vanities, and judgments are both the subject and the object of scrutiny.” 

ART — Tony Feher 
by Saul Ostrow
Rooted in minimalism, perhaps, Feher is a scavenger sculptor who, like Merlin, transforms detritus—plastic bottles, marbles, jelly jars—into gold. A traveling survey show of his work opened in Des Moines and is now at the Blaffer Art Museum in Houston, before coming to the Bronx Museum next fall. 

First Proof 
Bomb’s Literary Supplement

Horst Ademeit
George Minkoff
Lewis Warsh
Trey Sager
Suzanne Wise
Karen Green
Daniel Borzutzky
James Hannaham

BOMB Specific 
Daniel Bozhkov

Artists On Artists
Dasha Shishkin by Ellen Berkenblit
Erica Baum by Kim Rosenfield
Günther Uecker by Ahmed Alsoudani

The Wick 
Anders Nilsen

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