BOMB 121 / Fall 2012



Miguel Gutierrez's And lose the name of action premiers this fall at the Walker Art Center. Ishmael Houston-Jones, who performs in the piece, speaks with the choreographer about collaboration and the importance of casting. 

Peter Schwenger interviews Haim Steinbach on the arrangement of objects as an alternative to language in his shelf installations.

Carolyn Cantor, who is directing Amy Herzog's The Great God Pan at Playwrights Horizons, talks to the playwright about creating characters who are "passionate, interesting, and unfailingly honest."

Ben Chasny's experimental project 6 Organs of Admittance has a new electric album, Ascent, out now. Chasny's bandmate in Rangda (and former Sun City Girl) Sir Richard Bishop sits down with the guitarist.

Kurt Andersen and Susanna Moore exchange thoughts on her virtuosic body of work and mathematical approach to novel-writing. 

Translator Edith Grossman and Jaime Manrique discuss the writer's early influences, the importance of history, and his most recent novel, Cervantes Street

Multi-media artist Lucy Raven discusses her interest in the technology and labor behind the moving image, and her new project at the Hammer Museum, withJason Simon.

Josiah McElheny's blown glass work explores the unrealized potential of utopian projects through allusion and deconstruction. He talks to Gregg Borodowitzabout the overlaps between his practice and séances.



Poetry by Pedro SerranoDaniel Poppick, and Calvin Bedient. Fiction byLaurie Foos, Charlie Smith, Suzanne Scanlon, and Ben Ehrenreich.Portfolios by Anne Gilman and Barney Kulok.

Artists on Artists

John O'Connor reflects on the sculptural work of Katie Bell with a collage of text and color.

EJ Hauser visits Wendy White at her studio where the artist blends elements from the past and present akin to the layers of history one encounters in the billboards, buildings, and graffiti on the street. 

Madeline Weinrib describes the intensity of her encounters with Catherine Howe's shifting, evocative, figurative paintings.


Bomb Specific 

EJ Hauser

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