BOMB 117



Clifford Owens talks with Nick Stillman about his summer performing scores written by fellow artists at his PS1 studio, and looks back at the history of black performance art.

Eve Sussman shares details with poet Matvei Yankelevich on her remarkable new sci-fi film with a narrative that constantly re-edits itself.

Lisa Yuskavage, painter of buxom, nearly grotesque beauties talks about the her outsize personality in her work with Monica de la Torre.

Sandford Biggers discusses his three fall shows, “introspective” at the Brooklyn Museum, a solo show at SculptureCenter, and an exploration of African diaspora imagery at MASS MoCA with fellow artist Terry Adkins.

Writer Geoff Dyer delves into his work The Missing of the Somme, discusses Tarkovsky's Stalker, literary digressions and more with Jonathan Lethem, one of his biggest fans.

Kenneth Goldsmith discusses UbuWeb, his large, free internet archive of cross disciplinary avant-garde art and his latest book with Marcus Boon.

Neil Michael Hagerty recounts his journey from his origins, right up to his current incarnation as The Howling Hex with Keith Connolly.

Founder of the seminal Institute for Architecture, Peter Eisenman speaks toCarlos Brillembourg about architectural practice and grapples with Derrida's debunking of a "metaphysics of presence."

Artists on Artists

Andrea Blum's discusses her work, which rises above the plane of merely material existence, with Pamela Lins.

Abby Goldstein describes Phoebe Washburn's installation, Nunderwater Nort Lab, housed at the Downtown gallery.

Daniel Weiner talks about the inspiring new work of R.M Fischer, whose reinvented style nods towards variable textures, visible seams and floppy vinyl.

Ellen Harvey looks at the exhibition and archive full of experiences and paraphernalia documenting the lives of the elite-though-fictitious Chadwicks. 

First Proof

Fiction by Zachary Mason and Margaret Zamos-Monteith. Art by Fred Valentine. Poetry by Craig Dworkin, Harvey Shapiro, Thom Donovan. Flash fiction after photographs by Jane Hammonds, Helen Phillips, Jeffrey Deshelland Dawn Raffel. 

Bomb Specific
Sally Smart

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