BOMB 115



Joe Fyfe sits down with painter Josh Blackwell to discuss the notion that abstraction is a by-product of loss, and his discovery of wabi-sabi while travelling through Asia.

Featured cover artist Katharina Grosse takes stock of the lack of prescribed casualties or fixed hierarchies in her art with Ati Maier.

Luis Camnitzer speaks to fellow Uruguayan Alejandro Cesarco with mind-altering results about how art education is a form of benign manipulation.

Jim Shepard examines his latest collection of short stories with fiction writer Christie Hodgen.

Thomas Pletzinger sits down with New York musician Sufjan Stevens and talks everything from life on the road to their favorite Brooklyn hang outs.

Film maker Sebastián Silva speaks with Christian Viveros-Faune about his latest film, Old Cats.

Robert Wyatt, a musician renowned for his vocals and complex blend of musical genres, speaks to the first lady of Arab hip hop, Shadia Mansour.

Sibyl Kempson converses with fellow playwright and performer Kristen Kosmason the beauty and drawbacks of the industry.

Artists on Artists

Collaborative artists Erik Moskowitz & Amanda Trager speak to Craig Kalpakjian about their blend of music and storytelling.

Emilie Clark converses with Jorge Queiroz, whose drawings are caught somewhere between a dream-state and a linear reality. 

Michel  Auder interprets the work of Israeli artist Rona Yefman. 

First Proof

Fiction by Roberto Bolano, Deb Olin Unferth, Paul Maliszewski, Madison Smartt Bell, Vestal McIntyre. An essay by Jimmy Raskin. Poetry by Rebecca Wolff, John Tranter. Watercolours from Emilie Clark

Bomb Specific

Art by Huma Bhabha and Jason Fox

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