BOMB 114




Long-time friend Richard Hull interviews legendary couple Jim Nutt and Gladys Nilsson in their Chicago home about El Greco, Chicago Imagism and the Hairy Who.


Rochelle Feinstein talks to fellow painter Justin Lieberman about “The Estate of Rochelle F.,” a painting made entirely from materials found in her studio.


Pulitzer prize winner Rae Armantrout opens up on her new book of poetry withBen Lerner.


The Paris-based, philosophy-trained novelist Tristan Garcia meets with philosopher Sandra Laugier to discuss ideas, ethics, and sex in his first novel,Hate: A Romance.


In a café in Bankik, Apichatpong Weerasethakul winner of the 2010 Palme d’Or, talks with Lawrence Chua about Thai history and its ghosts.


Jace Clayton (aka DJ Rupture) learns the history of a new era of dance-floor experimentation from London based musician/producer Kevin Martin, key member of King Midas Sound.


Choreographers Sarah Michelson and Ralph Lemon contemplate the  juxtaposition of seasoned dancers and young girls performing together onstage, and the gaze of the audience.


Adam Pendleton and poet Thom Donovan engage in an exploration of the connection between civil protest and live art.


Artists on Artists,

New York artist Bruce Pearson visits John O’Connor’s Long Island City studio to better understand the relationship between artificial intelligence, hair loss, military operations, and O’Connor’s drawings.


Sabine Russ discusses JJ Peet’s “radical, self-perpetuating, and elaborate” systems of creating art under self-imposed restrictions.


Israeli artist, Omer Fast reacts after watching Claudia Joskowicz’s video art on his laptop at Heathrow airport.


First Proof

Paintings by Marina Adams & Norma Cole. Fiction by Ben RistowArmando Suárez Cobián and Chiara Barzini. Poetry by Matt Reeck, Ben Lerner, andRobert Seydel. 


BOMB Specific


Art by David Herbert & Thordis Adalsteindottir.

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