BOMB 110 (Americas Issue: Columbia and Venezuela)



Artists Antonio Caro and Victor Manuel Rodriquez delve into Warhol, astronomy, and national politicking as they relate to Caro's Manuel Quintin Lame.

Rafael Castillo Zapata questions installation artist Ducle Gomez on systems, psychoanalysis, and Benjamin's essay on Baudelaire.

Ana Teresa Torres, one of Venezuela's most respected authors and essayists, speaks to fellow novelist and former psychoanalyst Carmen Boullosa about memory and listening in her writing.

Evelio Rosero, the Colombian author of The Armies, speaks to Antonio Ungarabout the madness, "the knife's edge where reality and unreality take place," that propels his writing.

Juan Gabriel Vasquez and Silvana Paternostro converse about Vasquez's The Informers and the story of Colombia's German and Jewish emigres.

Javier Tellez, who collaborates with the mentally disabled to "cure the sane of their lucidity," muses over the philisophical underpinnings of theater and film with Pedro Reyes.

Mario Galeano Toro, leader of the band Frente Cumbiero, explains cumbia's sonic boom to writer Marc Nasdor.

Sergio Fajardo, the mastermind behind Medellín's urban transformation, speaks to Giancarlo Mazzanti about the methodology of hope.

Carlos Cruz-Diez has lived in Caracas, Barcelona, and Paris. His interview is excerpted from Estrellita B. Brodsky’s extensive oral histories with the seminal experimenter, whose work developed a participatory phenomenology of color.

Artists on Artists

José Ruiz looks at how the work of Venezuelan-born, Brooklyn-based Esperanza Mayobre deals with “the trauma of displacement.”

Roughly translated as “a place to doubt,” Lugar a Dudas serves as an artist’s space and cultural center in Cali, Colombia. By Jose Tomas Giraldo.

The collective Nascimento/Lovera radically edits popular films for public consumption as a statement about the globalization of the narrative structure. ByGabriela Rangel.

First Proof 

Art by José Antonio Suárez Londoño. Photography by Luis Molina-Pantin. Fiction by Carolina Lozada, Federico VegasHéctor Abad Faciolince andAntonio Ungar. Poetry by Luis Enrique Belmonte, Víctor Manuel Gaviria, Yolanda Pantin and Igor Barreto.

BOMB Specific
by Antonieta Sosa

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