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Anthony Huberman sits down with art duo Claire Fontaine to talk about the pair's loaded neon signs, lock picks, and bricks wrapped in book covers.

Artists Nayland Blake and Rachel Harrison speak about art notions they think are threatened with extinction in 21st century: self-expression, art not for reproduction, and not being engaged here and now. 

Roman Signer transforms familiar objects into elemental magic, with earth, wind, fire and water. Poet Armin Senser charts the alchemy.

Marcus Boon interviews John Giorno, whose poetry mirrors the zeitgeist of five decades, from Kerouac's diary of the American unconcious to Buddha's timeless aphorisms.

Poet, editor and translator Peter Cole answers Ben Lerner's questions about his new book, Things on Which I've Stumbled.

Kelly Reichardt speaks to fellow director Gus Van Sant about Oregon, decay, and making a feature film with $20,000. 

Alan Vega, half of the legendary New York pronto-punk duo Suicide manages to speak during a studio time-out with Matt McAuley and Brain McPeck of  A.R.E Weapons.

Richard Maxwell the playwright, directs artist and writer John Kelsey in an impromptu rehearsal of an angst-ridden monologue. Insight into the intricacies of delivering a text ensues.

Chris Lipomi speaks to Kathryn Andrews about their shockingly expansive and daring self-installation The Cave Project.

Artists on Artists

Josiah McElheny looks at the way Holly Zausner's videos explore the limitations of our physicallity and "our struggle with the physical and psychic burdens of the body."

Roberto Juarez explores how Roberto Brinker's paper cutouts promote warm, Disney-like comfort with strident sensuality.


First Proof
Fiction by Dubravka Ugresic, Patricia Cronin, Anne Waldman, Carmen Boullosa and Jesmyn Ward. Poetry by Ted Mathys

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