BOMB 10 / Fall 1984 (PDF only)



María Irene Fornés by Allen Frame.

Jeff Weiss by Bill Rice.


Essays on Subrealism by Glenn O'Brien, Exposure by Duncan Smith.


Fiction & Poetry Coleman Dowell, Glenn O'Brien, Alison Armstrong, Brad Gooch, Jacques Teboul, Patrick McGrath, Peter Cherches, Lisa Blaushild, Roberta Allen, Barry Yourgrau, R. Barkowech.


Art by Tom Jenkins, Cindy Sherman, Bob Gobber, Peter Schuyff, Mary Frey, Jon Coplans, Billy Sullivan, Bill Rice, James Nares, Sandro Chia, Patrick Naggar, Anselm Kiefer, Saul Ostrow, Robert Hawkins, Mark Tansey, Donald Sultan, Melissa Miller, Eric Fischl, Stephen Lack, Freya Hansell, Ernst Trowager, Alan Scarritt, Vera Lehndorff and Holger Trulzsch, Terry Rosenberg, Steve Wood, Colin Lee, Sean Elwood, David Craven, Kelko Bonk, Richard Prince, Laurie Simmons, Robin Winters, Carolee Thea, Mssrs. McDermoot and McGough.

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