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Constant Nieuwenhuys, one of the most important painters of the CoBrA movement and the conceptual architect of New Babylon, a utopian plan for the city of the future, talks with Linda Boersma. 

Julie Mehretu’s sprawling and layered paintings unravel the constructs and traditions of our grossly ferocious environment. Lawrence Chua talks with Mehretu about the intersections between geography, architecture, language, and media articulated in her work.

Alexi Worth discusses the work of Cecily Brown, cover artist for this issue of BOMB.

Pearl Abraham has created a novel about the nature of storytelling, beginning all the way back, with Genesis. Aryeh Lev Stollman takes us through Abraham's world, from golems to robotics, from mystical systems to artificial intelligence.

Robert Antoni discusses his first novel, Divina Trace, and his explorations of the voluptuous and volatile Caribbean and the legacy of its New World bloodlines, with Lawrence Scott.

Kiyoshi Kurosawa has made over thirty films, all of which Jim O'Rourke has seen, and this interview focuses on his mesmerizing and internationally relevant narratives.

Legendary composer-improvisor and saxophonist Roscoe Mitchell speaks toAnthony Coleman about his work with the Art Ensemble of Chicago over the past several decades.

Occupation takes a broad look at the practice of the Allied Works Architecture and its principal, Brad Cloepfil. He spoke to Stuart Horodner in this issue about the book and their work.

President and creative director of his own design firm, Bruce Mau speaks with Kathryn Simon about drift, vision, and his unique studio environment.


Angus Cook looks into Adam McEwan's slight alterations to seemingly familiar objects as they seek to subvert "the dailyness of our lives"

Christine Hill explores how the frustrations, nuances, and random occurences of everyday life figure into the drawings of Danica Phelps.

Carlos Brillembourg parses the varied subjects and themes of artist Guillermo Kuitca and his 1991 MoMA show.

Whitfield Lovell's wood-grain drawings are the focus of sculptor Tom Otterness's meditation.


Fiction & Poetry by Trinie Dalton, Steve Almond, Jacob Forman, Kimiko Hahn, Mei Chin, Alexander Theroux, Joy Katz, Sidney Wade, Sergio Valero,and Hernan Bravo Varela
Artwork by Cecily Brown.

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