BOMB 130 / Winter 2014



ART — Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin by Sabine Mirlesse
The London-based duo has explored the social and political power of images for two decades. With photographer Sabine Mirlesse, they discuss their charged approach to taking and showing pictures.

ART — Theaster Gates by Tom McDonough
Writer and critic Tom McDonough queries Theaster Gates on channeling surplus, reclaiming vernacular art forms, and his ritualistic approach to urban revitalization in Chicago’s South Side.

ART — Martin Wilner by Francis Levy
Martin Wilner is an artist and psychiatrist. For his ongoing Case Histories—a series of portraits each completed over the course of a month—subjects send him daily dispatches that are woven into the drawings. Novelist Francis Levy calls the process "a mini analysis of sorts."

MUSIC — Paola Prestini by Helga Davis
Composer Paola Prestini is the creative director of the soon-to-open Original Music Workshop. With vocalist Helga Davis, she elaborates on her Italian and Mexican background and her collaborations with artists of other disciplines.

LITERATURE — A.G. Porta by Margaret Hooks
The Catalan author of The No World Concerto talks about his early collaborations with Roberto Bolaño and the slew of novels that followed a lengthy hiatus from writing—all of which feature his signature revolving characters, literary appropriations, and word games.

LITERATURE — Pierre Guyotat by Noura Wedell
The French writer speaks to his translator about his latest autobiographical novel to appear in English. Titled In the Deep, it deals with the link between desire and his early literary output, as well as the effect of his Catholic upbringing and World War II on his imagination.

ART — Paweł Althamer by Nell McClister
The Polish artist recently mounted a new participatory installation on Hydra Island in Greece, where Nell McClister prompted him to talk about the core of his collaborative projects: community, experimentation, and spirituality.

FILM — Eugéne Green by Nicholas Elliott
American-born French director applies the paradox of the Baroque worldview to the composition of his films, and most recently, to La Sapienza. Nicholas Elliott probes Green’s interest in the tension between spirit and reason.



Manuel Cirauqui and Mario García Torres



Cristina de Middel by Pradeep Dalal
Bethany Ides by Suzanne Joelson
Leeza Meksin by Sophie Pinkham



Richard Kraft  //  Roberto Bolaño & A.G. Porta*
Olga Tokarczuk  //  David Vandeloo
Ted Pelton  //  Semezdin Mehmedinović
Celia Dovell Bell



Pier Paolo Pasolini, Finnbogi Petursson, Erik Satie, Kate Soper, Takashi Makino, Simon Critchley, Ralph Lemon, Numero Group, and Astra Taylor

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