BOMB 129 / Fall 2014



ART — Moyra Davey by Elisabeth Lebovici
Prior to Burn the Diaries, her exhibition at the ICA Philadelphia this fall, Davey exchanged thoughts with Paris-based writer Lebovici on autobiographical writing, the formal potential of aerograms, and scatalogical confessionalism.

ART — James Hoff by Eli Keszler
For Hoff, distribution networks serve as creative agents. Musician Eli Keszler queries the artist and publisher of Primary Information on paintings based on viruses and syndromes, and also on his pop-leaning sound works.

LITERATURE — Claudia Rankine by Lauren Berlant
Rankine and Berlant parse the implications of having to maneuver everyday racism, as well as Rankine’s incisive choice of images for her new poetry book, Citizen: An American Lyric.

ART — Matthew Weinstein by Laurie Simmons
Weinstein elaborates on the sources behind his animated videos with Simmons, with whom he has previously collaborated. These range from telemarketing, Brecht, entertainment, and what Weinstein calls the “national pastime” of self-absorption.

LITERATURE — Ben Lerner and Ariana Reines
For Lerner, Reines’s poems are “sites for irrational and transpersonal powers.” Reines, in turn, thinks of Lerner’s new novel, 10:04, as “Time Regained retold as The Odyssey in a best of all possible worlds.” Their banter touches on Whitman, poetic address, and “obliviating.”

LITERATURE — Valeria Luiselli by Jennifer Kabat
At the core of Luiselli’s two books now available in English—Faces in the Crowd, a novel, and Sidewalks, an essay collection—is an interest in cities and their fragmented representations in literature, maps, and GPS devices.

MUSIC — Tyondai Braxton by Ben Vida
The two musicians discuss the use of hybridized generative systems, Stravinsky, hip-hop, and performing as switchboard operators in Braxton’s in-progress work HIVE.

ART — Nicole Cherubini by Sarah Braman
Cherubini describes her lush, material-based approach to clay and glaze as “baroque minimalism.” Braman visited Cherubini’s Brooklyn Navy Yard studio as she prepared for her fall exhibition at the Pérez Art Museum Miami.



Kevin Killian and Ugo Rondinone



Andra Ursuta by Veronika Vogler // Michele Araujo by Lisa Cohen // Brie Ruais by James Trainor // Ben Berlow by Lanny Jordan Jackson



Jens Fänge // Frederic Tuten // Steve Dickison // Dylan Landis
Dan Michlin // S.D. Chrostowska // Klaus Kertess // Corina Copp



Cookie Mueller, The Cahiers Series, Aby Ngana Diop, Disco, Fantasy Football Psychoanalysis, Carroll Dunham, Allen Ruppersberg, and CAConrad

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