BOMB 113




German artist Charline Von Heyl talks to fellow abstract painter Shirley Kanedaabout the unstable tendencies and surprising juxtapositions at the core of her work.


Painter Fred Tomaselli talks to author David Shields about the influence of California’s counterculture on Tomaselli’s visionary work.


Mika Rottenberg talks with Judith Hudson about the mini factories filled with fetish workers that she constructs for her video sets. 


Thomas Hirschhorn speaks to Abraham Cruzvillegas about his installations and what he calls “wastefulness as a tool or weapon.”


British psychoanalyst and essayist Adam Phillips speaks to human-rights activist Sameer Padania about Phillips's new collection of essays on the shortcomings of liberalism.


Author Charlie Smith and John Reed agree on one thing: redemption is an illusion.


No-Neck Blues Band’s Keith Connolly queries David Toop on inchoate listening, eavesdropping, and the uncanny.


Jan Lauwers speaks to dramatist Elizabeth LeCompte on the parallel lives of their respective drama companies.


Artists on Artists


Laura Bruce on Monika Baer's deliberate and yet slurred paintings that often suggest something humorous.


Manuela Moscoso on FolklorePatricia Esquivias's narratives of recent Spanish history.


William Corwin on Michael Ballou's distrust of "traditional art world classifications."


First Proof 


Fiction by Alissa NuttingMark Slouka and Steve Tomasula. Poetry by Patricia Spears Jones, and Christian Hawkey. Watercolors by Judith Hudson. Drawings by Caroline Bergvall.


Bomb Specific


Art by Curtis Mitchell.

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