BOMB 112




Ben Berlow had the final, poignant interview with the irrepressible and unforgettable artist Dan Asher, who passed away of Leukemia in April, 2010.


Master manipulator of spatial movement Elizabeth Streb and novelist A.M Homes talk about overcoming gravity.


Sculptor Jessica Jackson Hutchins reflects on Levinas, contingency and the human body with Stuart Horodner.


Sebastiaan Bremer and Shoshana Dentz delve into his information packed network photographs, evocative of brainstorming, dreaming, and automatic doodling.


Alain Mabanckou and fellow author Binyavanga Wainaina discuss each others work and the complications of colonial language in post-colonial African literature.


Jennifer Egan, in conversation with Heidi Julavits, discussed Egan's A Visit from the Goon Squad, has a polyphonic structure that shows how the characters are central to themselves and peripheral to others.


Grizzly Bear's Edward Droste speaks to Rick Moody, among other things, about his initial fear of singing—even to himself.


Cynthia Hopkins tells Annie-B Parsons how she managed to convert her demons into a one woman show that blends dance, song, plenty of fact, and even more fiction.


Karin Schneider speaks with the pioneer of performance art; Joan Jonasrecomposes literary texts, disparate images, and haunting sounds in the ephemeral media of chalk drawings, video, and theater to create a new Gestalt.


Artists on Artists


Ed Halter on Andrew Lampert’s ability to recombine the documented and the live in a way that insists on the imediancy of cinema as an event.


Stephen Westfall inspects the typical Cordy Ryman sculpture—an autonomous entity, with its own agency and the ability to self-propagate. 


David Van der Leer on design collective Futurefarmers, whose project Shoemaker's Dialogue was recently featured at the Guggenheim Museum.


First Proof


Art by Eva Lundsager and Sebastiaan Bremer. Fiction by Barbara Browning,Danielle Dutton, Tan Lin, Zach Samalin. Poetry by Elizabeth Willis.  


BOMB Specific


Art by Fiona Banner.

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