BOMB 108

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Carrie Mae Weems speaks to photographer Dawoud Bey about how her work bears witness to race, class, and migration.

Dike Blair and Joe Bradley set the record straight on irony and sincerity, kitsch and the sublime, and anarchy and aestheticism. 

Harry Dodge and Stanya Kahn discuss about charged fragility and getting abducted by the moment with fellow performer Michael Smith.

Jacques Roubaud opens up about his novel The Loop and reminisces about his involvement with Oulipo to Marcella Durand.

Nam Le and Charles D'Ambrosio trek across literary terrain, sharing their opinions on Hemingway, Greene, and an asymptotic ocean.

Guy Maddin and Isabella Rossellini speak about their dream lives, their mothers and fathers, and classical drama and its modern melo- avatar.

Bill Callahan speaks to novelist Jon Raymond about Callahan's passion for boxing and his eclectic influences, like DC hardcore and the Meat Puppets.

Nature Theater Of Oklahoma's founders Pavol Liska and Kelly Copper reveal details about their production of Romeo & Juliet at The Kitchen to Young Jean Lee.

Artists on Artists

Dan Wolgers's snapshots of the improbable, by George Negroponte.

Michael Combs's mixture of Waspiness and carved wooden birds wearing leather masks, by Rob Fisher.

Adam Pendleton writes on Xaviera Simmons's show Wilderness at the Nicole Klagsbrun.

First Proof 
Images by Lou Reed. Poetry by Raphael Rubinstein, Alan Gilbertand Hildebrand Pam Dick. Text and painting by Adam Simon and Matthew Sharpe. Fiction by Frederic Tuten and Colum McCann.

BOMB Specific
by Carrier Moyer

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