BOMB 104



Catherine Sullivan and choreographer Meg Stuart speak on misfire, the body politics, and controlling chaos in ensemble-based work.

Dara Birnbaum talks to Karen Kelley and Barbara Schroder, exploring notions about the construction of femininity, self-expression, and visibility within Birnbaum's work.

Inimitable performance artist Kalup Linzy discusses his family's southern history and the characters in his ongoing series of camp soap operas, with Nick Stillman.

Peter Saul, painter of satirical and ribald images since the 1960s, opens up toSaul Ostrow about his odd and persistent work.

Chronicler extraordinaire Mike Davis connects the dots between the War on Terror, the War against Drugs, immigration, and Homeland Security, with Lucy Raven.

Japanese noise band Boredoms explains to Hisham Akira Bharoocha the importance of the number seven and their DVD documentary, 77 Boar Drum, focused on their incredible drum circle performance in Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Will Eno, who has been tipped as the "Beckett of the Jon Stewart generation," talks to collaborator Joe Sola at a Howard Johnson's.

James Timberlake talks to Deven Golden about Timberlake's project for MoMA's Home Delivery: Fabricating the Modern Dwelling.

Artists on Artists

B. Wurtz looks into the ambiguousness sculptor Charles Goldman, who aims to figure out "where his art ends and the rest of the world begins."

Whitfield Lovell takes on the smart, elegant, and provocative work of Leslie Hewitt

Michele Gerber Klein explores what exactly music is in this examination ofTristan Perich and his edgy 1-Bit style, reviewing a performance at the Whitney Museum.

First Proof
Fiction by Fiona Maazel and Gary Indiana. Poetry by Tom Healy, Sally Dawidoff and Vincent Katz. Art and poetry by Marjorie Welish.

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