BOMB 1 / Spring 1981 (PDF only)



Carl Apfelschnitt, a self-described "primordial monster" discusses his hands-on, raw approach to abstract painting with Sarah Charlesworth.

Becky Johnston discusses the subtexts behind the fragmented narrative style in her film Sleepless Nights with Betsy Sussler.

Amos Poe explains his casting rationale, the importance of catching the zeitgeist, and his dreams of Hollywood backing with Sarah Charlesworth.

David Ehrenstein talks to Eric Mitchell about Underground USA., a New Wave update of Sunset Boulevard set in '80s New York.

Kathy Acker speaks with Michael McClard about collective improvisation, his film Motive, and why he wishes it could be longer.



Duncan Smith explores the many facets of diamonds and all that they imply for the girls whose best friends they are.

Glenn O'Brien gets polemical about TV Party, his legendary television program that blurred the line between raucous political party and chaotic cocktail caucus.

Tina L'Hotsky relates her experience as an extra — a Marilyn Monroe look-alike, to be exact, or close enough — on an undisclosed Woody Allen film.

Liza Bear proposes a New World Information Order on behalf of the Non-Aligned Movement.


Artwork by Mark Magill, Michael Oblowitz, Leslie Schiff, Duncan Hannah, Joan Jonas, and Jimmy DeSana.  Fiction by Cookie Mueller, Kathy Acker, Gary Indiana, Lynne Tillman, Terence Sellers, and David Walter McDermott III


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