2020 Gala Tickets & Tables


Dear BOMB Supporters and Friends,

All of us at BOMB are sending our very best to you and your loved ones. I have written this note to you more than once, as our world changes almost daily. Its one constant is the strength and power of community. It is reflected in this invitation for BOMB’s 39th Anniversary Gala. Please look at these names: they are you, or they represent you, and they stand for our culture’s vibrancy and resilience. Look at the breadth of talent and intellect in our community! While we must postpone BOMB's 39th Anniversary Gala, there is still much to celebrate, and we will do so, together, when the time is right.

Until then, please stay safe and know this: your support is essential for sustaining BOMB’s delivery of the artist’s voice. By purchasing a table or tickets today, you join us in honoring artists and writers whose collective vision makes our world greater. All proceeds keep BOMB Magazine, BOMB Daily, and the Oral History Project up and running.

To those who have already supported the Gala and believe in our work, THANK YOU!

There is great power in caring for one another; that is community.  Please let us know how you are doing.

Sending love and prayers,

Betsy Sussler, Editor-in-Chief


BOMB's 39th Anniversary Gala 

Rachel Harrison
Henry Taylor
Lawrence Weiner

$50,000 Visionary’s Table 
VIP table for 12 | Top-tier listing as Honoree Supporter | 12 BOMB subscriptions | Verbal recognition at podium

$25,000 Benefactor's Table
Priority table for 10 | Benefactor listing | 10 BOMB subscriptions

$15,000 Leader’s Table
Preferred table for 10 | Leader listing | 10 BOMB subscriptions 

$10,000 Publisher’s Circle Table
Table for 8 | Publishers listing | 8 BOMB subscriptions

$2,500 39th Anniversary Ticket
1 Premier seat | Anniversary listing | 1 BOMB subscription 

$1,500 Very Cool Ticket
1 Preferred seat | Very Cool listing | 1 BOMB subscription 

$1,000 Hip Ticket
1 Hip seat | Hip listing | 1 BOMB subscription  

$500 Artists and Writers Ticket
Seat for ONE | Artist listing | 1 BOMB subscription
There are a very limited number of half-price tickets available for artists and/or writers only. To purchase, please contact Lora Evinger at (718) 636-9100 x110 or lora@bombsite.com.